Melissa Cagatay


Melissa Cagatay

Melissa Cagatay

University Consultant

Melissa is a German-based freelance illustrator and graphic design student at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Through her studies, while strongly focusing on editorial design and photography, she acquired a diverse and broad set of skills, ranging from conventional print projects such as books, magazines and posters to photography, illustrations and animations.

Melissa is determined to help you refine your skills and put pen to paper.  Working with a wide range of different techniques on interdisciplinary projects and drawing inspiration from various sources with a special eye for zeitgeist and pop culture.   She works with Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and AfterEffects and Lightroom. Working on traditional art, she uses wax pastels, aquarelle colors, acrylic colors, charcoal and many other techniques.

Areas of Expertise

Melissa created her individual and unique style of Design. She will guide you towards finding your personal strength and help you  to polish your skills, allowing you to work on original creative projects. She can help students to set up their design or art portfolio and guide them on the process of finding their unique style.

Melissa is a mother-tongue speaker of German, and in addition speaks fluent English, Turkish and French.

  • Help working on a portfolio for university applications
  • Support on personal creative projects
  • General assistance with adobe software
  • Photography 101
  • Digital and analogue Camera
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