Education Consultant UK


Counselling Assistance

We provide our counselling services using a 6-step process:

Step 1

Understand and identify the student’s needs.

Step 2

Give advice on suitable courses, schools.

Step 3

Apply for placement, personal statement writing, form filling and submitting to the required destination.

Step 4

Help prepare students for school entry exams and/or interviews.

Step 5

Give our students cultural orientation sessions before they arrive in the UK.

Step 6

Continue to give guidance to students before, during and after their studies.

Get in touch with the team, who are always on hand to offer advice and support.


    Studying in the UK

    Our dedicated education consultancy can help our students find the right university, secondary school, English language school and English summer school in the UK and assist them with course applications. We will also prepare them for their life in the UK and monitor their progress for the entire duration of their course.

    Britannia Schools have an excellent relationship with many UK schools, colleges and universities. We understand the application process well, so we can give our students the help they need, whether they have already identified a place to study or wish to look at several possibilities first.

    We can present you with a full range of options, which include far more institutions than the schools, colleges or universities we represent. We can:

    • Identify the right school according to the student’s ability, personality and future aspirations
    • Prepare our students for entrance exams.
    • Help students meet admission requirements and support them through the application process
    • Provide additional educational support once the student has started at their new school (one-to-one subject tuition, guidance, orientation. etc.)
    • Coordinate all UK study logistics, from travel and accommodation to teacher liaison, communication of academic progress reports, and identification of future options for university, etc.

    To assist you in your search for the ideal school, our experienced education consultants will help you find the course best suited to your specific requirements.

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