About us


Our Background

Britannia Schools Education Consultancy is an education agency and
counselling service based in Cambridge, UK.

It began in 2001 when the founder, a retired English teacher, set up
an Education Agency in Istanbul and started sending students to
England for English language programmes. Following her retirement, she
then came to the UK to attend several teacher training programmes, and
has now acquired an in-depth knowledge of UK language schools and
British culture.

Growing out of the founder’s initiative, Britannia Schools Education
Consultancy was officially established in 2011 in the UK as a family
business and is currently headed up by her daughter Ozlem Dushi. Now
with ten years’ experience, the Consultancy has already helped
countless students on their learning journey.

Trusted and Knowledgeable

Fully trained and certified by the British Council, we are a trusted partner working alongside a range of institutions in the UK Education Sector, from GCSE and A-level examination providers, English language schools and boarding schools through to undergraduate study, postgraduate study and Pathway providers.

Being based in Cambridge means we can give up-to-date and thorough advice on first class UK education, sharing our in-depth knowledge of the study programmes we offer. We have a detailed understanding of our partner institution’s mission and requirements, and thus can select schools and courses which best fit our students’ needs, giving the best chance of thriving in a supportive and motivating environment.

We also visit educational institutions, meet with their teams and attend agent training events to create a close and supportive network of colleagues in our partner institutions.

We measure our success solely on student satisfaction, and want every student to have the best learning experience, whatever their learning needs or objectives.

Our Mission

1. Understanding the student

The individual needs of each student must first be understood before any advice can be given. That’s why we pay close attention to our students’ goals and expectations as part of an in-depth consultation with them before proposing a suitable school and education plan.

2. Working with the best

We work with the most prestigious institutions in the UK and can offer a stay in the best city, to visit and consider the most appropriate schools and courses. After determining the school and education programme we then provide full support for completing school applications, enrolments and meeting general admission requirements.

We also recruit the best to work with us. The support we provide to our clients is thus of the highest quality, as our consultants have an unmatched knowledge of institutions, courses and UK locations, as well as a unique level of expertise in their specialist areas.

Any questions? Send an enquiry

If you have questions or you would like to talk to one of our experts, just get in touch.


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    Personal Service and Extra Mile Support

    We help students and their parents to:

    • Find the right school
    • Apply to their chosen school
    • Identify the best tutors for private tuition
    • Search for accommodation
    • Understand and adapt to life in the UK
    • Complete the visa process
    • Access and make use of student welfare and support systems
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