Uk University Application Consultants


Consultancy Overview

Uk University Application Consultants

We will create opportunities to connect you with relevant universities, give you insights into university life in the UK, and support you to develop useful tools and techniques to help boost your chances of success.

Our online 1-to-1 counselling service is fully customisable to suit your overall goals. With multiple packages available for you to choose from, we are confident that we can offer the right support for you.

Our Packages

Our 1-to-1 university counselling and careers advice programme offers flexible packages for you to choose from.

An initial free 15-minute consultation with our experienced University Counselling Manager.

Premium package

The Premium package allows 3 sessions of 50 minutes, which would envisage consisting of the following:

  • Session 1 – to explore university courses, looking at areas such as course structure, departmental information, entry requirements, rankings. Review of academic background and existing qualifications. Narrowing down choices to a list to include aspirational and realistic options.
  • Session 2 – to support filling application(s), supporting documentation and share information about personal statement with a view to completing first draft for follow up during third session.
  • Session 3 – to look in detail at draft personal statement to review and refine and to provide feedback on and/or check application(s), as necessary before submission.

Full package

The Full package would include all of the above,  but is aimed at students who require more support with each stage of the applicant journey and as such need more input from us. It comprises 6 sessions of 50 minutes. Therefore:

  • The first two sessions would aim to help a student who needed more support in identifying a suitable subject, who needed additional support in exploring UK (or other countries) universities, understanding the different structure, different types of university, understanding the different types of undergraduate or postgraduate courses, the level of contact hours, the type of classes, the level of independent learning expected and so on.  A focus on entry requirements, a review of qualifications and advice about different information sources would be included.
  • The second two sessions would focus on the application and supporting documents, in addition to the personal statement initial overview and drafting of ideas. It would include written feedback on the brainstorming in advance of first draft of the personal statement and then assistance with the redrafting.
  • The final two sessions would involve finalising the personal statement and preparing and completing application(s) online together and checking supporting documentation for submission. So the level of support is greater and would suit a student who was perhaps less independent in completing the process.
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