Why Britannia Schools


Why Britannia Schools

A unique and comprehensive approach

All students and parents receive a unique and comprehensive service from us, and we have an unrivalled team in place to help our clients.

This help includes giving up-to-date information on chosen schools, visa support, living expenses and accommodation options. We are always on hand to support students throughout their course until they return home.

Our comprehensive, personal network of relationships with headteachers and other key staff members in schools means we can turn to them for expert assistance in selecting schools and understanding their admissions requirements.

Once our students have begun their study programmes, our consultants will be on hand to guide and support them if any course changes or extensions are required.

Expert counselling and advice

We also provide counselling and emotional support when things get a little difficult, especially when students are suffering from homesickness. Whatever the issue, we will always be happy and on hand to help.

Our university counselling and career advice services range from choosing a degree course, selecting a university and completing UCAS applications, to personal statements and preparation for aptitude tests and interviews.

We can even advise on cultural tours, excursions and events, so our students can make the most of what the UK has to offer.

Our comprehensive approach to educational consultancy and after-sales care is what sets us apart from other consultancies and makes us unique.

Face-to-face contact with students and families

Although throughout the year we connect to our students and provide them with information using technology and social media, nothing beats sitting down and speaking to a potential student and/or family member face to face.

Making a personal contact to share information and seek support is vital when making a potentially life-changing decision about studying overseas. Meetings with a student and his/her family can be a vital part of this decision-making process, so to facilitate this we try to meet with students and family members in person whenever possible.

There is also a significant financial commitment involved in studying internationally, and so families and students appreciate the opportunity to engage personally with an agent and counsellor to discuss this too.

British Council-accredited partner schools

All our partner schools are British Council-accredited members. This accreditation is only offered to schools that have met a minimum standard for student welfare, tuition and student support services. As such, we can be 100% confident in the quality of each institution when referring students to them.


As a UK-based educational consultancy located in Cambridge, Britannia Schools is in an ideal position to provide a customised, personalised service to students.

All our education consultants (apart from our CEO) grew up, were educated and now live and work in the UK. This gives us the local knowledge and expertise necessary to provide unparalleled guidance and support to our students and their families.

Meeting you in your home country

We also visit Turkey and other countries to deliver seminars, attend IEFT international education fairs and provide consultancy to those interested in a UK education. We look forward to seeing you there!

Recognition for our work

Our work as an agent/counsellor to UK education institutions was recognised recently when we received a Key Partner Award from Bell School, who were impressed with our high level of expertise and trustworthiness. This in-depth knowledge, trust and ethical behaviour remain cornerstones of our continuing success.


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