UK Boarding School Placement


Consultancy Overview

Educational Consulting for your UK Boarding School experience, step by step:

  • Getting to know you, your interests, personality, educational strengths, areas where you’d like additional focus and your future aspirations and plans
  • Drawing up a shortlist of suitable UK schools to match your requirements
  • Selecting the right school for you
  • Preparing for and taking UKiset
  • On the basis of UKiset results, applying for your identified schools
  • Coaching for application procedures: tuition, interview practice, etc.
  • Our secret ingredient?  Coaching in Manners for success in UK education
  • Coming to the UK for interviews, entrance exams and school visits, accompanied by our consultancy team
  • Results of school applications, admission to a suitable school
  • Legal guardianship of student while studying in UK (teacher-student liaison, guidance for further subject selection, regular liaison with housemistress/housemaster
  • Matching with guardian host family for exeats and half terms
  • Co-ordination of transport to airport at end of term, and travel arrangements including Meet and Assist for students under age of 16.
  • Attending parents’ meetings at school on behalf of parent, providing full report of progress to parents
  • Translation of school reports into mother tongue if required
  • Identifying your post-school options (university consultancy if required)
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